The Kindle is Here!

I finally broke down and bought a Kindle.  I've been eyeballing them since the first one came out and have been daydreaming about them since the Kindle 2 pics first leaked.  After reading countless previews and reviews and raves and rants, I decided it was time.  Sure, it's expensive.  Yeah, it's "only a single function device."  blahblahblah.  The fact is I love to read, I live in a NYC apartment, and I already have an entire wall devoted to bookshelves crammed full of my books.  There's just not that much space here to keep buying more and more books.  Any my library hardly ever has what I want on the shelf.  When they have it at all, there's a waiting list.  So this makes a lot of sense for me in a number of ways.  I've had it for about an hour now so I don't have any deep dive experience with it as such, but as far as first impressions go, it's a big win.  And the first thing I did after browsing through the user's guide?  I bought Brandon Sanderson's latest book "The Hero of the Ages." Now if only I didn't have to work.