R.I.P power supply

I left my machine running applying system updates tuesday night. I awoke to find my machine off due to what I was sure was catastrophic system failure. As it turns out, the power supply overheated and melted the wire and quit working. When the battery ran out, the laptop shut down. I dinked with the cord and power came back but it can with a puff of smoke from the cord, so I turned it off. Thankfully the part was under warranty so it was a free replacement, but I had to wait for it to be overnighted from wherever. So I was offline all day yesterday. Since I couldn't work, I tackled some "honey do" list items. The garage looks great now. We put in some shelves and got a bunch of stuff off the floor. And I managed to drop a shelf on my hand in the process. So now the meat of my palm/left thumb is turning increasingly darker shades of purple. What fun.