Qwicket 0.3

Qwicket now supports basic bean definitions in the UI. The CRUD pages still aren't there, but the requisite services and DAOs are as well as the spring configurations. The spring setup and project layout have changed a fair bit in this release. What was being done with ant filters has been changed to use spring property replacement. Customization of these property values are now stored in src/conf/application-override.properties with the defaults in src/conf/application.properties. This release introduces Users into Qwicket itself. You can now save your project and return to it at a later date. You can still work anonymously, though, if you prefer. This release should be pretty solid but it was little rushed to finish before I present at the Denver JUG on the 9th so if you see something, please fill out a bug report using the link in the menu on the left.

I have also updated the documentation to address the missing maven dependencies.  There are also two different scripts available to help you update your maven repository.  Please try those out and if there's something missing let me know.