Quick Introduction

As much as I wanted to part of the GlassFish v3 Prelude festivities, I didn't really have anything to contribute. See, I started with Sun on the code freeze day for v3 prelude so I had 0 to do with prelude. :) Anyway, I'm the newest(?) member of the webtier team and will be working a number of different items leading up to the 3.0 spec release as part of the EE 6 release next year. There's always v3 FCS day, I suppose. :)

As for who I am, I'm a long time java user (since '96ish). I've been building web applications for most of that actually starting in the pre-JSP days and most recently using Wicket. I'm very excited to work under the hood for a change especially during this major revision cycle underway. One of my roles here at Sun is, of course, to blog about the work going on with GFv3 and especially our web container work. Full blown blogs might not be as frequent as I sometimes wish, but I have a twitter stream that I'm trying to use for more of the quick notes that aren't really quite blog worthy. (I admit I have low blog-stamina these days). I'll try to post either here or on twitter some of the things I come across as a relative newbie to this code. Perhaps my efforts to get elbow deep in glassfish code might help some of you who have been wondering how and where to get started.

In any case, it's nice to meet. Hopefully I'll see you around...