Qwicket 1.0

Qwicket 1.0 is finally here. Apart from being entirely too busy with work and sick children, I've been anxiously waiting along with everyone else for the 1.3 release to go final. This version features some streamlined build process improvements and a more interesting default UI. You'll likely end up building a new UI but at least there's enough there to work with while your design guys build something more customized. Part of the delay has come from some odd compiling and generation problems in my development environment but I appear to have ironed all those out. If you see something odd, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll try to iron out any issues as quickly as possible. This release isn't entirely revolutionary but I hope to make some dramatic improvements over the next few months making Qwicket much more robust and to make it easier to base projects off of and track the changes as Qwicket evolves. I'd also like to add maven support and move to ant task and maven archetype based generation as that's a little lighter weight for something that (at least for the moment) you use to generate your project and then move on from.

Hopefully Qwicket will help you explore Wicket and get your projects running more quickly. If you have any requests, please feel free to file an RFE in the tracker.