Making goodreads gooder

I love goodreads.  I've been using it for a number of years to track my reading list and encourage me to read more.  (Got to drive up that score!)  As nice as it is, though, it feels like it has gotten much love in a long while.  To that end, here are my suggestions improving it bit.

  1. Rereads.  Currently goodreads will track every book you've told it you've read.  It keeps the start and end date.  It lets you rank each book.  What it doesn't do is let you reread a book and track that.  Currently any reread simply overwrites the old record and you lose that little bit of history.  There are some books I've read several times.  I'd like to see that history.
  2. Series.  Goodreads has a lovely feature where you can click the name of the series a book belongs to and see all the other books in that series.  This is super helpful if you loved book one and want to add all other 18 books in that series to your queue.  But that's where it stops.  If you look at your queue, you'll see all 18 books in whatever order you added them.  (Hopefully they're in the correct order!)  So regardless of the fact that I'm highly unlikely to read them in anything but series order, i have to manage that manually.  You also see all 18 books.  Goodreads should only show the next unread book in that series and hide all the others under the one heading.  This would reduce the clutter in your queue and making your current progress much easier to see at a glance.  Not to mention how much easier it'd be to see the other books not in that series.
  3. Formats.  I only read ebooks these days.  Namely, kindle books.  My Brooklyn apartment simply doesn't have room to hold the hundreds of books I've bought over the last few years.  When I search for a book, I want to be able to tell goodreads to return the kindle format as the search result.  At least when there is a kindle format.  Which is pretty much always for the books I read.  I never, ever want the hardback version in my queue.  The page numbers are different and it skews my stats in odd ways.  (I know it seems petty but I'm a little obsessive about it...)
  4. Lists.  Goodreads makes it easy to create a list.  When I took my family to Germany for the summer a few years back, I made a reading list specifically for Germany.  It was handy for me to track such things.  But let's say I wanted to read all the Star Wars books out there in the "correct" order.  I don't relish the prospect of finding someone's list and then manually adding each book to that list (in the proper order!).  I could probably read the books faster than it would take to add each one to a list.  I'd love for goodreads to support the sharing of lists such that I could find some dedicated soul's work and just click on it to add that list my own profile.  Or how about those annual Hugo Award nominations?  And the winners?  Imagine adding all those with a single click!  swoon

I'm sure I've forgotten something.  I've been sitting on this blog post for months.  At any rate, this would be a great start.  It's also entirely possible I'm just missing how to use some feature.  If I missed something, I'd love to hear about it.