Java goes GPL

Sun has finally confirmed the rumors. Java will be released under GPL v2 with the Classpath exception as detailed here. I'm not all that crazy about the GPL choice but I understand the rationale. It most likely is in Java's best interest as the GPL will prevent malicious forks. I would've preferred the CDDL or a BSD/ASL license due to my own anti-GPL leanings. Even the LGPL might've been a better choice. Either way, though, this is a great move for the Java community over all. I think there will still be some hand wringing about the viral nature of the GPL and such but now that Java is truly (or at least will be very soon) perhaps the the FSF and Richard Stallman can shut it about the Java Trap. And perhaps we can finally start addressing speed concerns in the collections classes, for example. But as pointed out on the TSS thread, the TCK really needs to be opened up so that contributors can test their changes before submission. Perhaps that's in the works as well. I haven't seen anything on that point. It's a good day for Java, though.