Grizzly/Kenai update

Well, it took longer than we'd hoped but we're finally live on the kenai infrastructure.  Grizzly is one of a handful of pilot migrations trying to work the kinks out so we may still have a few issues here and there but I think the worst is behind us.  I'd like to run down the big changes at least to help you find your way in the new set up.

Issue Tracking

The first big change that I'm personally very excited about is the issue tracker.  We're now using Jira instead of the ancient bugzilla instance we've been using.  All the issues have been imported and none of the bug IDs should have changed.  The URLs are all different of course.  You can find the new tracker at and it's also listed on the new home page location of  (All projects on the new kenai system have basically moved from * to *  Jira gives a us a clearer view of what's remaining and where each line of development stands.  I've cleaned up the tracker where I thought it needed it so it should be much easier to track your favorite issues now.


Subversion has also moved for those of you who have checked out the repository.  The new URL is so each line of development can now be found at:

  1. 1.9.x ->
  2. 2.x ->
  3. 1.0.x ->

To switch your local copy to the new url simply this from the root of your local workspace (using trunk as an example)

svn switch --relocate

Your password may or may not need to be reset.  Sadly, this is one area where we've hit a number of bumps.  Resetting is easy enough from the website just be aware that you might need to do this.  If you have commit access at least.  This is the same login you'd use for the jira so you might need to do this even as an observer.

Mailing Lists

The addresses have changed for the mailings.  For dev, it's  For users, it's  The old addresses forward to the new ones so if you send to the old ones, they'll continue to find their way to the list but I'm not sure how long those forwards will be around.  It would be wise to take a second to update your address books just to be safe.

Web Site

Finally, as I mentioned, the website has a new location:  The old URL will forward so any bookmarks should be fine for a while.  But again, there's been no indication of how long such forwarding will be in place so it wouldn't hurt to update your links.  It should look pretty familiar as we've tried to retain the old look and feel but it is slightly different.  Before anyone complains/comments, I know some of the source/javadoc links on the left don't work yet.  We're still working on realigning to the new infrastructure and we'll have to clean those up as we go.  We'll also be reworking the content on the landing page since 2.0 figures to loom larger in the coming year.

That's about it.  Take some time to explore the new system.  Let us know if you run into any issues.  Rather than posting to the mailling list, it'd help us track things if you'd file issues against the www component in jira:  I think you'll find the new system much more pleasurable to work with, though.  Cheers.