Fall Conference Update

I've tweeted about it now and then but wanted to give a complete picture of what's happening this fall.  It seems like fall is tech conference season doesn't it?  Well, let's start with the Big One:  JavaOne.  I submitted three different proposals and got two accepted (though one as an alternate).  Everything looked in order but life is fraught with random changes and disappointments.  Despite my initial approval from management, my trip to JavaOne has been cancelled due to ... budgetary restraints.  I was schedule to present session S314395: "WebSockets Versus Comet: What Are the Differences, and Why Should I Care?" with Oleksiy Stashok.  I won't be doing that now, of course, but Oleksiy will still be presenting it by himself, though.  It's a shame I can't be there.  There's a lot of websocket action this year at JavaOne and I would've loved to go to some of the other sessions. That's a big disappointment.  However, I will still be presenting at JavaZone in Oslo.  I'll presenting a session called "Building Websocket Based Applications on GlassFish/Grizzly."  That'll be on the afternoon of the second day.  If the demo gods are kind, I'll be showing off at least one interesting demo.  Maybe two if I can get another one pulled together in time.  Since I won't be preparing for as much conference action as I'd thought I'd be hopefully, that won't be a problem.  ;)