Denver JUG Recap

Well, after months of trying to schedule and the last few frantic days of finishing up the slides, the Wicket presention is finally done. Overall, I'm pleased with how it went. There were no technical glitches to contend with which is always a concern going in to things like that. Once I finished writing the slides and going through the presentation it hit me how much info I was packing into it. Given that I only had an hour, next time I would change a few things about it. I'd drop a few of the slides so I could get to more code. There are slides with code on them but I think it's easier to understand in context. So I went longer in the slides than I wanted and didn't get to the code I was hoping to show. The presentation itself went swimmingly as far as that goes, but I really wanted to show some code. Maybe next time, though. I'm putting a PDF of the slides up for those interested in seeing them again. Check the main page or click here to download them.

The Echo2 presentation was fascinating. I'm going to have to play with that one but it looks pretty nice from where I'm sitting. I'm not sure it'll replace wicket (or struts or JSF) in my toolbox, but for certain types of applications it certainly looks appealing. We also had a special guest with us. There was a very nice lady visiting us from Microsoft who was, of course, pitching MS products over beer. So we call had a few chuckles over that and had some beers together. It was strange at first to hear that a MS was at a JUG but she's really friendly and bought the first round of beers so it's all good. Overall, it was a great night. If you missed this month's meeting, you really missed out.