Apple Culture

I've been planning on getting a powerbook this summer if everything works out all right. As such, I've been looking more and more at all things Apple. One thing that's always annoyed me about Apple users is the fanboy mentality of most of them I've talked to. These people have had an insufferable superiority complex because they're machines were cooler. I never bothered to point that most of them were technically inept and liked clicking pretty buttons but there you have it. So it was with some amusement that I pulled up to the Apple Friday night.

I was there enticed by the release of Tiger (not to mention the giveaways...). The place was *packed.* It got me to wondering, what is it about Apple that inspires such zeal. Then it occurred to me. It happens because Apple cultivates it. What other company is like Apple? When was the last time you hit the Microsoft store? Did you go to a Windows XP release party? Or how about a Red Hat release party? (IRC parties don't count. :) ) Their success, despite persistent predictions of impending doom, is due, at least in part, to this culture. I don't know of any other company that has succeeded at building a cult following on this scale.

It's a fascinating culture. I've seen people get Macs and then turn in mindless fanboys endless flaunting their superiority in a matter of weeks. It's a sad side effect of the iCulture. Though, I'm looking forward to getting a powerbook and learning OS X for myself, I'm going to try hard not become "that guy." Time will tell how much luck I have with that. :)