A Journey Done

My colleague and I have been on-site with the client for almost 2 weeks now. The work we've been doing for the last year has finally come to fruition this weekend. We've been building a conference management solution including everthing from event setup and tracking to registration and check in. The system builds the event programs in PDF format as well as the badges attendees get at check in. Despite the complexity of the system and numbers of people going through checkin, things have gone swimmingly. The programs look fantastic. Check in has been unbelievably smooth to the point that even the attendees have commented on how great it's going. It's really gratifying to see our software become almost invisible because it's functioning so well. I really like seeing all those badges floating around at the hotels and the conference site. I want to grab people by the arm and say "I did that!" But, I'm a professional so I keep that excitement to myself mostly. But I said all that to say that it makes all the long hours and hard work worth it to see the pleasure on the client's face. But now I'm just ready to go home and see my family.